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Guiding in the Cassiars for over three generations,
we offer the highest quality of outdoor experience.
BlueStone Guiding and Adventures Ltd. Activities


BlueStone Guiding & Adventures Ltd. provides quality hunting for the serious hunter. The guiding territory encompasses 6000 square miles of land accessible only by aircraft. Species available are Stone’s Sheep, Mountain Goat, Mountain Caribou, Canadian Moose, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Timber Wolf, Wolverine. Hunts are done by horseback and foot. For more information including references and tariff please contact for login access and a full brochure.


Our waters are home to Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Bull Trout, Arctic Graying, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, and Whitefish. The high mountain lakes and streams contain an abundance of wild native fish which experience little pressure due to the remoteness of this area. The waters are virtually untried and the fish eager. Spend the day casting your line over the pools of a fast moving river, where the Rainbow and Dolly rise to the fly. You can also enjoy trolling in the deeper water for the truly impressive Lake Trout of the deep.

Wildlife Viewing/Photography

Photograph a Mountain Sheep or Grizzly in their natural habitat. Wildflowers include rare alpine shooting stars, forget-me-nots, valerian and crocus. The unlimited beauty of this area is the natural photographer’s dream.


We are blessed with an abundance of wildlife and spectacular landscapes in a pristine, intact wilderness setting as yet undamaged by man. The air is clear and the water clean and pure. You and your family can be flown to a high alpine lake, spend the day hiking above timberline, picnic on a sheer mountain pass, and drink from a glacier stream.

Horseback Riding

Ride a painted mountain pony to the far reaches of the alpine meadows, view rare wildflowers, and sleep under the northern lights to the tune of a Canadian Timber Wolf howl and a Marmot’s whistle. Or camp riverside and experience the sound of Northern Loons, and the grunting of a bull moose echoing across the valley. We offer day trips to mountain glaciers or week-long pack trains over varied terrain, tenting out at night and gathering by the evening campfire.

Youth Camps

As a family operated business this program offers the teen practical work experience for the outdoors. The teen will be exposed first hand to life in the wilderness, and being a part of this team. They will be expected to contribute their strengths and help within the daily life while learning the basics of camping, cooking, log cabin building, horse experience, wildlife and plant identification, and wilderness survival skills.


BlueStone Guiding & Adventures Ltd. offers numerous adventures on different rivers within the area. Customize your trip for your preference of canoe, kayak or raft, day trip or multi-day excursions. These rivers offer ever changing landscapes, from alpine to boreal forests, quietly move with the waters as they unfold abundant wildlife, countless birds and flowers, and life at nature’s pace.

Winter Trips

A winter adventurers dream! Imagine skiing where you will encounter only tracks of animals and pure white that stretches out indefinitely. We offer an authentic winter adventure to the backcountry skiing world. The clear mountain slopes, valley trails and beautiful passes create a wonderland of skiing options. Or be a part of a working trap line, live in a log cabin in the middle of a northern winter, see the great aurora borealis, chop wood for the fires, fetch water from a hole in the ice, learn the tracks and habits of the winter furbearing animals, try on a pair of handmade caribou snowshoes, or catch a delicious supper by ice fishing.